The Mobile Mystery Game

Solve-It! An Escape Room Experience

Solve It! The Mobile Mystery Game is the newest addition to Clowning Around.

We personally develop, build and beta test all our games thoroughly before bringing them to market. You can find many Adventure Games and Escape Games that require you to travel to them. They are a lot of fun but take an hour to play plus travel time. We are the only ones in town that bring a fully immersive game to you. We bring all the props, tables and cameras needed. We are so immersive that we also include the walls! We want your experience to be like going to a game without leaving your office. You get all the fun without the traffic!

What is an escape/adventure game? It is a group activity involving teamwork, communication skills and puzzle solving. Oh, and by the way it’s a lot of fun!

Our games are customized for your groups size. If you have an open indoor space around 15 by 20 feet we can bring the fun to you. Up to 10 people can play each game. Game length varies from 10 min. to 30 min. depending on your needs.

Looking for an Escape Room in Dallas?

We Bring the Escape Room to You!

Team building statistics have shown that critical thinking and effective communication are the key outcomes for any corporate training.

Solve It! Is a mobile escape room where we bring everything, including the walls. Full of fun puzzles, clues to work through, and locks to figure out. Its an ultimate thrill.

The Art Heist Puzzle

A wealthy artist you worked for died and replicas of his art are being auctioned off tonight. You have been promised his most valuable piece of art. It was to go to you for your favorite charity. But the greedy executor of the will wanted it all to himself. He has hidden that valuable piece in the artist studio and is selling replicas at the auction. You will be cheated. You and your friends need to use teamwork, your powers of observation, and communication to solve the puzzles and overcome the obstacles set by the evil executor. Your goal is to find the hidden original art piece that is rightfully yours. You are going to switch it with a replica and buy your own original art piece for the price of a replica. Solve and figure as fast as you can and save the day for you charity!

Toy Room Puzzle

This story begins in the land of Magic. ( of course you all know about the land of Magic ) King pez is a good an wise ruler of his kingdom. However an enemy has kidnapped the king. If he is away from the land of magic too long he can never return. Twenty pez heroes have tried to save him. All were trapped while trying to rescue their king. King pez and his minions must return to their home the land of magic soon or they will be trapped forever. Your team needs to save as many as you can. Time is short.

Solve the Cube

We have a very exciting game ready to arrive at your next event. Let us introduce you to the newest game in our Mobile Mystery lineup – Solve the Cube!

We bring in the prop which takes a very short time to set up and not that much space. The question is, “Can you Solve It?

“Solve the Cube” is played with 4 to 6 people at a time. It is interactive and really takes team effort! It has a 1 minute re-set in between games and takes around 12 to 15 minutes to solve. We can run through about 20 people and hour.

Puzzle Play for Small People

Puzzle Play for Small people is an immersive play puzzle game for kids from 4 to 7 years old. More info and photos coming soon!