The Mobile Mystery Game FAQ’s

What exactly is The Mobile Mystery Game?
Introducing The Mobile Mystery Game! We bring the mystery game to your location with lots of puzzles and clues to challenge and delight any group. Join a group of friends, your family or co-workers and team up to solve puzzles, open locked boxes, and find hidden clues in 30 minutes or less. The Mobile Mystery Game is timed and the fastest team to complete their goal wins! The best teams are made of those who can work and think together creatively with lots of communication!
How is the Mobile Mystery Game different than regular escape games?
The Mobile Mystery Game comes to you! You have the convenience & flexibility by us coming to your party – no travel needed and any time that fits your needs. The Mobile Mystery Game offers many of the same types of puzzles and storylines you may find in an Escape Room. The Mobile Mystery Game rooms are 30 minutes each, allowing for more teams in a shorter amount of time. Most regular escape games are an hour long.
How much does this cost?

Puzzle Cube is $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Plays up to 48 people in 2 hours.

Immersive Game is $300 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Plays up to 24 people in 2 hours.

Puzzle Play for Small People is $125 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. Plays up to 48 kids in 2 hours.

What happens if someone wants to get out before the time ends?
You can. If anyone needs to stop playing for any reason, they are welcome to do so. No one is locked in and any one can step out anytime they like. There is no rule that a player has to remain engaged. Of course, the more brain power involved the better it is to complete!
What happens after 30 minutes?
The countdown clock will buzz and the game master will call an end to the game. The team names and time of play will be placed on a white board out in front. The winners will be announced and accolades are given to the final winning team!
Can we book more than one game at a time?
Absolutely! At this time we have 2 mystery games developed and are working on developing more! The 2 game set up is suited for larger parties, or teams looking to have multiple challenges.
Can I invite children to this experience?
The Mobile Mystery Game is family friendly and we encourage this type of game to be experienced by families. It is not a game for young children so any child under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Most of the puzzles are for 10 years and up. The mystery games are not designed to be scary experiences. They are designed for the “A-Hah” moments and “Oh, I did it” moments. They leave you feeling good about yourself. However, too complicated for kids to do by themselves.
Where can escape excursions be performed?
The Mobile Mystery Game can be set up anywhere there is enough inside room available. It can not be played outside as the elements are not conducive for our game design. A school gym, conference room, hotel ballroom, church hall or empty hallway. The large games require about a 20′ by 15′ area.