Player Reviews

Good morning Tami,

Thank you so much for coming out this week and helping us welcome our students back to campus! We received A LOT of positive feedback from students who were able to work through the Puzzle Cube! They really enjoyed it!!!

Thank you again and I hope to have you out at future events!

Karen McAlister

Student Transition Programs- Program Coordinator, The University of Texas at Dallas

We had fun! Thanks for letting us be a part of your beta testing!


We had fun! Thanks! Love yours and Bender’s creativity.

Cinde Sanders

Amazing Attractions

I’ve played both “Art Heist” and “The Toy Room” scenarios at Solve It! I loved them both, but I did much better in escaping the toy room. As an Escape Room owner, I was impressed at how the pipe and drape creates an actual immersive room. This is a great option to have the escape room brought to you – whether it be for an in-office team building event or your home for a party! The puzzle path of the game makes sense and flows quickly! I enjoyed both of their games and highly recommend this alternative way to escape!!

Jill Brandenburg

CEO/Founder of Can You Rob The Bank?

I have personally done their escape room, it is fun, engaging and they come to you. Tami will have more details on what they can offer. Thanks,

Crystal Walker

Idea Fountain

I did get to participate in the Solve It game & loved it! …….. I suggested to Rebekah we bring it out during our Fall Club training so hopefully that works out!

Candace Williams

Program Coordinator, Brookhaven College

Thank you for having us do your game. You two are great game hosts!


Thank you so much Tami for allowing us to come. The girls had so much fun last night. They felt very proud of their abilities to solve the clues. They struggled with confidence on the way over there and I’m so excited to see they did so well. I appreciate you all given them an opportunity to participate in something they would have never otherwise been able to do. Thank you so much!!!

Brandy Coty

Executive Director Zoie’s Place

Thanks Tami for letting us come play the game. It was so much fun!

Margaret Clauder

Funny Business